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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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PHOTONIS USA Jun 2, 2006

About this company


PHOTONIS is the leading manufacturer of high-speed particle and photon detection.

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Our products support a wide range of physics research applications, including neutron, gamma, Cherenkov, Cryogenic and scintillation detection, electron and particle counting, plasma light emissions, high-energy physics, laser characterization and metrology.

Our primary focus is the development of leading detection technologies where the sensitivity of light, ions, electrons, and x-rays are critical to the understanding of our environment, our universe, our safety or our health.

Our products are used in many scientific, medical and industrial applications where accuracy and sensitivity are critical for assessment and action. PHOTONIS’ innovative sensor technologies can be found in many premier instrumentation systems, including mass spectrometers, nuclear reactors, industrial high-speed imaging, and medical diagnostic instruments as well as in a wide variety of physics and space research projects. Our commitment to continual research and product innovation allows us to partner with researchers and manufacturers to develop custom-designed detectors and sensors to fit unique design specifications.

PHOTONIS has a long history of manufacturing custom high-speed detection and characterization products for many research laboratories across the globe, including CERN, JParc, LANL, JLab, FNAL, ANL and BNL, to name but a few. Our products are integrated in many laboratories where high energy, high-speed particle and photon detection is critical. Our commitment to advancing physics research continues with new products for sub-nano second timing and imaging components for specialty applications.

We are also leaders in space research detection components, and have products installed on most space telescopes in use today. We offer the widest range of fast photonic timing components available on the market, including a 2010 PRISM award for Photonic Innovation. Our ability to customize products to specific applications and unique requirements sets us apart from any other detector company, so be sure to contact PHOTONIS and discover what’s possible.

Our products support:

  • Beam Line Monitoring
  • Electron Multiplication
  • Photon Detection
  • Low-Light Digital Imaging Cameras
  • Power Tubes for Particle Accelerators

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Products from this company

  1. Photonis will be exhibiting at Analytica Germany Feb 23, 2018

    Stop by our stand in hall A2, # 439B at the analytica trade fair in Munich, Germany 10 – 13 April

  2.   Photonis Introduces Cricket, an Advanced Intensifier Adaptor for Scientific Came Dec 20, 2017

    The Cricket electro-optic coupler cost-effectively enables any scientific camera to provide intensified image.