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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Strem Chemicals Inc 23-Nov-2000

No description available

Structure Probe Inc/SPI Supplies 22-Nov-2000

No description available

Structured Materials Industries Inc 23-Nov-2000

No description available

STS Recruitment 28-Jul-2000

No description available

Sunrise Fiber Cables 12-May-2011

Distributor of <a href=>fiber optic patch cable</a> and equipment. Austria.

Sunrise International Limited 16-Sep-2010

Research,development and sales of photonics products optical transceivers,Malaysia.

SUNY at Buffalo 27-Sep-2007

Department of Physics - High Energy and Cosmology Group (HEPCOS) at SUNY Buffalo

SUNY at Stony Brook - C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics 23-Jul-2007

No description available

Supercon, Inc. 05-Aug-2008

SUPERCON, Inc. manufactures low temperature NbTi and Nb3Sn superconductors. Supercon supplies SC wire and cable for a wide range of magnet applications, including MRI, NMR, SMES, industrial processing, laboratory solenoids, and HEP projects.

Supercon, Inc. 02-Oct-2015

Supercon, Inc. specializes in superconducting wire. Our sole focus is to develop and manufacture high-quality, low-temperature superconductors for your accelerator and commercial magnet applications.

Superconductive Components Inc 23-Nov-2000

No description available

SuperPower, Inc. 16-Oct-2009

SuperPower, Inc. (a subsidiary of Royal Philips Electronics, NV) develops & manufactures long length high-performance 2G HTS wire in application-specific configurations. Offering engineering services & design, fabrication & testing of 2G HTS coils.

Supersaturated Environments 22-Apr-2002

Supersaturated manufactures oversized diffusion cloud chambers for classroom, lecture hall, and museum display. Cooling means include dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and mechanical refrigeration, for convenient operation in any setting. Oversized…

SURA 19-May-2016

JSA, LLC, is the managing and operating contractor of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) for the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science.

Surface 03-Aug-2001

SURFACE is working in thin film technology since 1988. It exist four departments: 1st UHV system manufacturing: We are a leading supplier of PLD technology. Small single chamber systems are build also as complex multi chamber systems. SURFACE also…

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd 05-Jan-2017

We have been delivering small satellite missions for 30 years - longer than anyone else in the world, giving us the experience to justify our reputation as the world's premier provider of operational and commercial satellite programmes.

Svetlana Electron Devices 20-Mar-2000

No description available

SVT Associates 23-Nov-2000

No description available

Swift Textile Metalizing LLC 07-May-2004

Swift Textile offers electrically conductive, extremely flexiable metalcoated fabrics for electromagnetic shielding, reflection ans static control. Custom materials for gaskets, tape, cable wrap, curtains, doors, tents, grounding straps, and more,…

Swissoptic Ltd 24-Jul-2000

SwissOptic is a member of the Leica Geosystems Group, based in Switzerland. With 170 employees SwissOptic develops and manufactures a variety of precision optical components, subassemblies and systems to customers specs. The range of services and…

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