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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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PHOTONIS USA 02-Jun-2006

PHOTONIS is the leading manufacturer of high-speed particle and photon detection.

P.W.Allen & Co Ltd 03-May-2000

P.W.allen & Co Ltd is a leading manufacturer of industrial inspection equipment. The company was founded in 1948 and makes a wide range of products including high magnification video microscope systems and endoscopes.

Pablitos Software GmbH 20-Mar-2000

No description available

PANTECHNIK 04-Jun-2008

World leader in ECR ion sources Particle accelerator technology "Turn-key" low energy ion beam systems

Parsram & Company Private Limited 06-Aug-2001

Photomultiplier Tubes,Radiation Scintillation Detectors,Image Intensifier, Ultra-fast PMTs, Vacuum Biplanar Photodiodes,CRT Tubes, Radar Applications, High Voltage Power Supplies, Transformers, NIM High Voltage Power Supplies,X-ray Systems,…

Parsram & Company Private Limited 03-Aug-2001

We are Exclusive Sales Representative of several electronic components manufacturers located in England, USA, Germany & Hetherlands.We are in business for over 60 years. Some of our connections with our Principals like ELECTRON TUBES LTD. and…

Passive Plus Europe Limited 10-Nov-2008

Supplier of High Q Chip Capacitors, High Power Resistors, Couplers, Metal Back PCB's. A full range of Non Magnetic Components for applications such as Magnetic Resonance, including Higher Level Assemblies. Fast deliveries at competitive prices.

Pattern Limited 10-Jul-2000

No description available

Paul Scherrer Institute 08-Jan-2015

The Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI, is the largest research centre for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland. We perform world-class research in three main subject areas: Matter and Material; Energy and the Environment; and Human Health.

Paul Scherrer Institute 22-May-2015


Pave Technology 12-Jul-2000

No description available

PCE Instruments UK Ltd 19-Jan-2015

We are a company specialized in test instruments, balances & scales, control systems and laboratory technology. We design, fabricate and distribute a great variety of devices adapted to your needs. You can find all of them in our online store!

PDE Solutions Inc 18-Jul-2007

FlexPDE is a scripted finite element model builder and numerical solver for partial differential equation systems. FlexPDE analyzes the user's equations, constructs a finite element mesh, solves the system and generates graphical output.

Pearl Fiber Optics Limited 07-Jun-2012

Supplier of <a href="">fiber optic cable</a>,<a href="">otdr</a>,<a href="">fiber optic testers</a> and converters.

Pearlyond Technologies 29-Mar-2011

Research,development and manufacturing of <a href=>fiber optic test equipment</a> and <a href=>fiber patch cables</a>. Located in Italy.

Pearson Electronics Inc 10-Jul-2000

No description available

Performance Materials Corporation 15-Nov-2000

No description available

PerkinElmer Instruments 15-Nov-2000

No description available

PerkinElmer Instruments-PAR 15-Nov-2000

No description available

PerkinElmer Optoelectronics GmbH 10-Jul-2000

No description available

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