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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Goodfellow Cambridge Limited 06-Jan-2012

Goodfellow supplies a comprehensive range of Metals, Alloys, Ceramics, Polymers, Compounds and Composites to research and industrial markets. They are available in an wide range of forms including sheet, foil, film, lump, powder, rod, wire and tube.

Gage Applied, Inc. - A Tektronix Technology Company 18-Jul-2000

Gage, a Tektronix Technology Company, is a worldwide industry leader in Advanced Instruments on the PC platform providing data acquisition and instrumentation products which are world renowned for high speed, high resolution, high channel count,…

Gamma Scientific 09-May-2013

With over 50 years of experience in light measurement, Gamma Scientific is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to provide accurate and reliable results. Gamma Scientific also operates an ISO 17025 compliant, NVLAP accredited laboratory.

Ganil 01-Jul-2016

The Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions Lourds (GANIL), or Large Heavy Ion National Accelerator, is a French national nuclear physics research center in Caen. The facility consists primarily of two serialised synchrocyclotrons.

Gatan 18-Feb-2016

Manufacturer of instruments and software including TEM cameras, EELS/EFTEM, specimen holders and SEM stages.

Gelest Inc 30-Oct-2000

No description available

Gencoa Limited 20-Mar-2000

No description available

General Atomics - Energy Products 28-Jul-2000

GE Energy Products (formerly Maxwell) is the leading manufacturer of High Voltage Energy Storage discharge capacitors. Voltages range from 600v to more than 1MV. Applications include Marx generators, Lasers, EM launchers,defibrillators and rep…

Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants Limited 08-Jun-2015

Pre-FEED and operational phase consultancy has been at the core of Genesis activities since its inception nearly 25 years ago.

Genoinfomatics Limited 03-Mar-2008

Bespoke, open source LIMS and SCADA software, hardware and engineering support services.

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) 23-Nov-2016

The German Cancer Research Center, is a national cancer research center based in Heidelberg, Germany. It is a member of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, the largest scientific organization in Germany.

Getspec GmbH 03-Aug-2001

As your competent partner we offer modular fibre optic spectrometer for UV/VIS, NIR and RAMAN applications.

GIDS-GmbH, German Image Detector Systems 22-Aug-2013

GIDS-GmbH focus on the development and distribution of optical, electro-optical components and systems and is exclusive distibutor of Photek Ltd. We offer MCP-detectors, vacuum tubes, ICCD camera systems plus a range of associated electronics.

GiGa Concept Inc. 02-Aug-2011

Opto-Mechanics and Electro-Mechanics design. Complete design and solutions services. All aspects of FBG and bare fiber production and production automation. Fiber optic Tools and Processes. All Fiber Polarization Controller module. Fiber Clamp.

Girmet Ltd. 29-Dec-2003

Girmet supplies to the market a wide range of materials for electronics and optics, develops and manufactures both standard and customized materials: sputtering targets, evaporation materials semiconductor crystals and substrates (GaAs, GaSb, InP,…

Glass Agencies 24-Jun-2016

Glass Agencies Ambala Cantt INDIA are Manufacturer and Exporter of Laboratory Glassware, Scientific, Surgical, Medical, Hospital, Ophthalmic, Pharmacy, Dairy, Milk, Surveying, Educational, Biology, Physics, Chemistry Lab Instruments and Equipments

Glassman High Voltage 05-Nov-2001

Since 1977, Glassman High Voltage has been committed to producing the finest High Voltage DC power supplies at affordable prices. More than a standard design factory, Glassman has established an enviable reputation for developing High Voltage…

GMP SA 30-Jan-2017

Since 1977, GMP has been active in the fields of lasers, spectroscopy, photonics and micropositioning. GMP has become not only a top distributor of high technology products, but is also able to propose turnkey solutions for equipment integration.

GMW Associates 12-Jan-2016

Distributor and Integrator of Sensors, Transducers,Instruments and Systems based on magnetics.

Gooch & Housego plc 03-Feb-2011

Manufactures optics, acousto optics and RF drivers. Q-switches, Q-switches with integral RF drivers, modulators, tunable filters, deflectors, frequency shifters and fibre-coupled acousto optics.

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