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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Dexter Magnetic Materials 04-Jul-2000

No description available

DH Industries USA Inc 25-Jan-2013

We are the official supplier of Stirling cryogenics and CryoZone in the USA. We supply Stirling based cryocoolers, CryoFans (criculators), closed loop cryogenic helium systems, cryogenic process design, cryostats in the range of 10-80K (50-4,000W)

Diamond Light Source 17-Dec-2012

Diamond Light Source is the UK’s national synchrotron facility, located at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire.

Digital Instruments GmbH 07-Jul-2000

No description available

Digital Waybill Courier Software 20-Jun-2011

Digital Waybill is the delivery software of choice whether you run a small courier, delivery or messenger service or a national trucking company. Established companies and startups can benefit from our easy to use, full-featured courier software.

Dimtel, Inc. 09-Jan-2012

Dimtel, Inc. is a supplier of analog and digital signal processing solutions for particle accelerators, including bunch-by-bunch feedback processors, RF front and back ends for bunch-by-bunch feedback, and low-level RF.

Discinnet Labs 31-Jul-2009

Discinnet Labs is a web 2.0 Internet service dedicated to Interdisciplinary cooperation. The applied epistemological Discinnet process was conceived in order to facilitate transitions from Disciplinary internet working to Interdisciplinary Networking

Diversified Technologies Inc 19-Jun-2007

Diversified Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets the patented PowerMod™ line of solid-state, pulsed power modulators and switching power supplies. DTI’s PowerMod™ technology is the recipient of prestigious local and national…

Division of Experimental Physics, Rudjer Boskovic Institute 22-Nov-2010

Experimental and theoretical nuclear and particle physics, astrophysics, and quantum information. Over 60 staff,with more than 30 PhDs. Involved in numerous experiments (CMS, MAGIC, Pierre Auger,...) and experimental complexes (CERN,...) worldwide.

Dodd-Walls Centre for Photonic and Quantum Technologies 23-Jun-2016

The Dodd-Walls Centre is a Centre of Research Excellence building on New Zealand’s strength in the fields of quantum optics, photonics and precision atomic physics.

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions AS 26-May-2004

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions is recognized as a leading supplier of interconnect solutions to the computer, defense and space industries. Its proven SCI Technology is utilized in key applications such as the clustering of SUN’s…

Dongguan Jingutong Electronic Technology co.,ltd 12-May-2011

Our 02-Series is completely compatiblewith Swiss(LEMO)/Germany(ODU) metal connector.The main products include metal circular connector,gas path metal connector,HRS connector.Its widely used in medical ,industry instrument,automotive,audio/video.

Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. 18-Jan-2012

Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in both outdoor LED Lighting and indoor LED Lighting in China, products widely covering LED street light, LED tunnel light, LED flood light, LED high bay light, LED tube

DPS S.A. Electronique 10-Jul-2000

No description available


Innovative spectrometer solutions for direct source imaging in the vacuum ultraviolet, extreme ultraviolet (XUV / EUV), and soft X-ray spectral region.

DRUM-MATES, Inc., Liquid Processing Equipment Div. 11-Feb-2008

A primary American manufacturer and supplier of popular liquid processing equipment for industrial drums and totes for general industries, including heaters, mixers; drum rollers, tumblers, rotators, pumps; hand dispensing nozzles, bung adapters.

Dublin City University 06-Nov-2015

Dublin City University

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 24-Jun-2013

DIAS is a statutory body established in 1940 under the Institute for Advanced Studies Act, 1940. DIAS has three constituent schools - the School of Celtic Studies, the School of Theoretical Physics and the School of Cosmic Physics.

Durham Magneto Optics Ltd 09-Jun-2017

We are a high technology company specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced laboratory instrumentation for use by scientific researchers working in nanotechnology, optics, microelectronics, biotechnology and advanced materials.

DVI Extender inc 22-Nov-2011

We supply DVI Extender over Fiber, the <a href="">DVI fiber optic extender</a> can transmission DVI over fiber up to 20km with single-mode fiber.

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