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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Continental Electronics Corporation 21-Dec-2007

Continental Electronics Corporation is a world-class Engineering and Manufacturing supplier of High-Power RF Amplifiers, specializing in Integrated RF Amplifier Systems that include HV Power Supplies, Water-Cooling Systems, and Fully Automated…

Cornell University 30-Jan-2018

Cornell’s mission is to discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge, to educate the next generation of global citizens, and to promote a culture of broad inquiry throughout and beyond the Cornell community.

Cornell University 17-Mar-2017

Based in Ithaca, New York, Cornell is a privately endowed research university and a partner of the State University of New York. Our emerging and global campus footprint extends to New York City, Doha, Qatar and other markets across the world.

Cornell University 08-Sep-2016

CLASSE studies beams and accelerators, photon science, particle physics and the early universe, serving students, the public and scientists from Cornell and around the world.

Cornell University - Physics Department 23-Jul-2007

No description available

CPI 20-Mar-2000

No description available

CRAIC Technologies 02-Dec-2010

Designer & manufacturer of innovative microscopes & spectrophotometers for analysis of microscopic samples. Operating in the UV, visible & IR regions, images & spectra can be collected by transmission, reflectance & luminescence of many types.

CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group 03-Feb-2010

CRC Press has gone through a number of acquisitions and mergers, but both its name and its mission remain intact. Today CRC Press functions as the principal science and technology book division of the Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa Company.

Creative Electronic Systems SA 03-Sep-2001

No description available

Credowan 02-Sep-2005

Credowan are specialists in the manufacture and supply of Microwave Waveguide Assemblies in both Rigid and Flexible, along with a wide range of Microwave Devices and Components. Microwave energy can be absorbed or attenuated by using carbonyl…

Cree Inc 31-Oct-2000

No description available

Cremat, Inc. 09-Oct-2007

Charge sensitive preamplifiers and Gaussian shaping amplifiers are available directly from Cremat, Inc. Product and ordering information can be found on our web page: These circuits are widely used in radiation detection…

Creotech Instruments S.A. 01-Jun-2012

Creotech is a company that provides equipment at the following fields: time synchronization, CCD cams, embedded computer systems measurement systems, power supplies, optoelectronics. We specialized in providing solutions for scientific laboratories.

CRYO Industries of America Inc 14-Jul-2000

Manufacturer of cryogenic equipment

Cryofab, Inc. 13-Mar-2015

Manufacturer & service provider of cryogenic equipment and accessories. Capabilities include custom fabrication, a standard product line of dewars, tanks, cryostats, piping, transfer lines, vacuum valves, vacuum components, chambers and accessories.

Cryogenic Control Systems Inc 19-Jun-2007

Cryogenic Control Systems, Inc. (Cryo-con) is a manufacturer of electronic equipment for both laboratory and industrial process control applications. Our mission is to provide the cryogenic industry with high quality, innovative and technically…

Cryogenic Limited 03-May-2000

Cryogenic Ltd designs and manufactures Low Temperature Research Instrument. The product range include Superconducting magnet systems to 22 Tesla, Cryogen Free Magnet systems to 16 Tesla, Variable Temperature Inserts, Cryostats, Current Leads,…

Cryomagnetics Inc 13-May-2014

Superconducting systems to 21T, dilution refrigerator systems with/without magnet to <10mK, related electronic instrumentation, and cryogenic accessories. The versatile Cryogen-FREE, C-Mag system easily configured to meet your research needs.

Cryomech Inc 05-Jul-2000

No description available

Cryonorm BV 01-Feb-2002

With more than 30 years at the forefront of development and application of cryogenic vaporisers, Cryonorm has employed a combination of technology and production techniques to satisfy a diverse range of vaporising …

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