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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd. 28-Sep-2012

CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd. supply Lens, Mirrors, Prisms, Cylindrical Lens, Windows, Beam Splitters, Filters, Aspherical Lens and so on.

CMR-Direct 31-May-2012

We are now into our second decade of selling components and consumables for the low temperature and condensed matter research communities. Being first with our webstore is no-longer a sufficient goal - but being the BEST is !

CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique 04-Oct-2017

The National Center for Scientific Research, or CNRS, is a public organization under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Education and Research.

Coating and Crystal Technology 11-Jul-2000

No description available

Coax Co., Ltd. 13-Apr-2005

Coax Co., Ltd. founded 1974 is the worldwide supplier of semi-rigid coaxial cable and Coupler Line in Japan. Accumulated expertise and skilled workers have satisfied individual to commercial needs from research institutes, universities and major…

Cobham Technical Services – Opera Simulation Software 14-May-2003

Established in 1984, Opera Simulation Software is famed for its exceptional precision and accuracy.

Coherent Scotland Ltd 23-Feb-2016

At Coherent Scotland we develop laser systems that help people. Our systems are deployed in a wide variety of markets including renewable energy, microelectronics, fundamental research, life sciences and medicine.

College of William and Mary, Department of Physics 22-Jan-2009

High Energy Physics at Fermilab, Nuclear physics at Jefferson Lab.

Columbia University 23-Jul-2007

Columbia University

Colutron Research Corporation 09-Nov-2000

Colutron Research Corporation is a manufacturer of ion beam equipment. Colutron also manufactures high resolution beam imaging systems for ion, electron and neutral beams, as well as x-rays. Colutron Research has developed a 90 degree quadrupole…

Comdel, Inc. 14-Aug-2000

Comdel, Inc., established in 1966, is the leading manufacture of stable and reliable RF power supplies. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is backed up with a two-year warranty-unparalleled in the industry. Comdel offers a…

Comlan Limited 19-Apr-2006

Comlan Limited has been specialized in manufacturing of fiberoptic multiplexers to transmit signals up to 120km. We specialize in Audio/Video (DVB-ASI, MPEG2, MPEG4, SMPTE 310M) and Data transmission (Ethernet, E1, T1, RS-232, RS-422).

CommLinx Solutions Pty Ltd 13-Apr-2004

CommLinx produce GPS systems for UTC time syncronization and positional information for field experiments and data collection. Real-time GPS, temperature and shock system called the GPRS Cube has been released.

Comsol Ltd 03-Dec-2010

COMSOL, Inc. 28-Oct-2004

The COMSOL Group provides software solutions for multiphysics modeling. They are a fast growing high tech engineering software company with a proven track record and a vision as a future leader of the industry.

Conductus Inc 20-Mar-2000

No description available

Connect 2 Cleanrooms 18-May-2017

Our bespoke modular cleanrooms create classified environments to protect processes from harmful airborne contamination - reducing failure rates and helping organisations get it right first time.

ConnectZone 14-Dec-2017 is a Manufacturer & Distributor of Fiber Optic Cables, Fiber Jumpers, Fiber Attenuators, Fiber Media Converters, Fiber Pigtails, Fiber loopback testers, Fiber Mode Conditioning Cables & other Fiber accessories

CONTEL Control Equipment AG 20-Mar-2009

Engineering and trading company for Rupture Discs make FIKE. Explosion suppression and isolation systems make FIKE. Cryogenic Solenoid Valves make VALCOR.

Continental Electronics Corporation 21-Dec-2007

Continental Electronics Corporation is a world-class Engineering and Manufacturing supplier of High-Power RF Amplifiers, specializing in Integrated RF Amplifier Systems that include HV Power Supplies, Water-Cooling Systems, and Fully Automated…

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