The need to miniaturize and reduce the footprint of vacuum equipment is increasing in a variety of industrial and research applications, encompassing electron scanning and transmission microscopes, surface science and material preparation systems, mass spectrometers, semiconductor tools for wafer inspection and review or portable analyzers. This poses serious challenges to the high or ultrahigh vacuum (HV-UHV) pumping groups in term of design, space constraints and weight. Even in large vacuum systems, such as synchrotrons and particle accelerators, fitting the vacuum pumps is becoming increasingly difficult due to the presence of magnets, gauges, diagnostic tools and instrumentation or experimental devices.

The NEXTorr pump addresses and solves these important issues. The NEXTorr is a high-performance getter pump that combines in a novel and unique design non-evaporable getter (NEG) technology and ion-pump technology. It comes in a very compact package, about 20 times smaller and lighter than a sputter ion pump of similar performances. This allows a dramatic miniaturization of the vacuum pumping group and a reduction of the equipment footprint, while ensuring excellent pumping performances.

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