A recent renegotiation of the commercial conditions with our mobile telephone operator allows us to deploy new GSM services, reduce communication costs and put in place a new subscription system.

E-mail to SMS service

This service allows you to send SMS messages directly from your CERN e-mail account. It has now been extended to cover all Swiss numbers. For further details see http://cern.ch/sms.

Multimedia message service

MMS messaging will be activated by default on all CERN subscriptions by the end of March. This service allows users to attach an image, video or audio recording to a text message. All of the details about configuring this new service on CERN mobile phones will be published on the website, at http://cern.ch/mms, in due course.

New rates

New rates for all mobile services came into effect on 1 January. All tariffs have decreased and are available at https://cern.ch/gsm/tariffs.

New subscription system

To simplify mobile communication costs and follow the evolution of industry standards, a new CERN GSM subscription system will be put in place in March. The different combinations of the current subscriptions and options will be redefined according to three professional and one private subscription types: Basic, Basic+, Full and Private.

The different functionalities of these subscriptions are summarized at https://cern.ch/gsm/telecom/types_subscr.htm.

Within this new system, please note:
• Data-transfer services (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS) will be enabled on all CERN subscriptions.
• There is only one type of subscription (Full) with international roaming rights.
• There is a new private subscription that is restricted to users paid by CERN and who were granted a GSM phone for professional use. It is not possible to obtain a new Private subscription if the user does not have a professional subscription. Reporting in CET and HRT will be updated to reflect these changes and include both communication costs and access rights.
• List of calling rights: https://hrt.cern.ch/hrt/PhonePrivs.
• Professional or private call details: https://hrt.cern.ch/hrt/PhoneDetails.

An automatic e-mail alert system will be put in place to warn budget-code holders and the users concerned if a subscription generates excessive costs when compared with CERN's average costs.

SIM-card change for all CERN mobile phones

The ageing technology of our current SIM-card generation has already caused problems with the activation of some new services on our operator's network. We have also noticed an increasing rate of mechanical failures due to the deterioration of SIM-card electrical contacts.

Therefore, it is necessary for CERN to undergo a general SIM-card replacement campaign for all mobile phones. This operation will take place throughout March. At the same time, the new subscription system will be deployed according to the following schedule.

Users should have collected their SIM cards between 1 and 15 March, as indicated in the e-mail that they received on 15 February. They will have been supplied with instructions on how to carry out the SIM-card replacement.

Between 23 and 26 March

SIM cards will be migrated every night in batches of 1500 cards. Users will receive an e-mail on 17 March to warn them about the exact day of this migration. A last alert will be sent by SMS on the day of the migration. GSM numbers for "piquet" services will be migrated on 29 and 30 March during working hours. In case of problems, please contact the Telecom Lab immediately.

1 April

The Telecom Lab will resume its normal activities from this date. The opening hours of the Telecom Lab have already been extended and it is open from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. every weekday (e-mail labo.telecom@cern.ch, tel 72480, Bat 58 R-017). In addition, the Telecom Lab team will be reinforced throughout this transition phase to answer any questions that you may have.

Useful link

GSM website: http://cern.ch/GSM