The current trend at CERN to use videoconferencing more and more in everyday collaborative interactions has resulted in the recent creation of two new videoconferencing venues by the IT Department. These are available at 31-S-023 and 31-S-027 (in addition to the IT auditorium that was modernized in 2008). These new rooms are equipped following the standard proposed by IT that has been widely adopted across site: a Tandberg Edge 95 MXP codec capable of HD (720p) videoconferencing. This uses the same interface for H.323-based services, EVO and telephone conferencing. The rooms can be booked via Indico, where the bookings will be validated by the IT secretariat.

IT-UDS-AVC has used the know-how and experience acquired during the last two years in the site-wide refurbishment project for these rooms, not only for the standard technical equipment but also regarding the physical infrastructure. The colours have been harmonized to give a better video effect and the room acoustics have been improved, all resulting in a more comfortable and better user experience.

IT-UDS-AVC currently manages almost 50 standard videoconferencing venues site-wide for the four LHC experiments, BE, TE, IT departments and the DG Office. All of the components (codecs, PCs and projectors) are centrally managed and configured to reduce incidents and decrease time in setting up sessions. Support is provided centrally via the Helpdesk and the large majority (80%) of support interventions are done remotely. The service includes remote assistance, troubleshooting, short tutorials and hands-on sessions. The monthly videoconferencing activity for CERN and the LHC now covers more than 2000 meetings (half of which are via equipped meeting rooms and the rest from desktops).

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