By the end of this year, all NICE PCs will have MS Forefront Client Security installed. This new anti-virus and anti-malware application will replace the current anti-virus product from Symantec. The reasons for this change include the small footprint of the client application, excellent response times for pattern updates and very good integration with the existing NICE infrastructure.

The migration will be progressive (department by department) over the coming months and will be combined with the regular monthly deployment of security updates. Users will be notified about the migration by the usual CERN Alerter message announcing the monthly updates. Any users wishing to have their NICE computer migrated earlier can send their request to the Helpdesk (

Documentation for MS Forefront Client Security has recently been published and can be accessed via the following link:

CERN users who would like to install the Forefront client on their home computers are allowed to do so. The procedure and installation packages are available on the following webpage:

Please note that there is no change for Mac OS X users. They can still use Symantec Anti-virus, which can be downloaded from DFS using the following link: