This artistic backlit image of the rings of Saturn and two of its moons was recently featured by ESA, although it was taken some 10 years ago by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft (CERN Courier September 2004 p13). The two moons are Titan (5150 km across) and the 10 times smaller Enceladus – two of the most fascinating moons of Saturn, among more than 60. Titan is seen as a ring – slightly occulted by Enceladus – because light from the distant Sun is being refracted through the Moon’s dense atmosphere. Somewhere on Titan’s surface rests ESA’s Huygens probe, which separated from the Cassini mothership on 25 December 2004 and parachuted down onto the surface of Titan to return the first pictures of this alien landscape. The restless interior of Enceladus produces water geysers at its south pole, which have been pictured by Cassini. After 12 years exploring Saturn’s system, the Cassini mission is nearing a dramatic end, with a guided plunge – planned for 15 September 2017 – into the atmosphere of this giant planet.