Elsys Instruments has developed a new software driver that makes Elsys’ entire range of highly accurate data-acquisition products fully compatible with LabVIEW. Comprised of a set of virtual instruments (VIs), the LabVIEW driver supports all of the advanced data-acquisition modes offered by Elsys. These include the Event Controlled Recording (ECR) mode, standard scope mode, multiblock mode and continuous acquisition modes. The installer that comes with the instrument driver supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows (XP or newer) and LabVIEW (2010 or newer). For the free plug-and-play driver, complete with installer, manual and examples, contact Thomas Berger: e-mail thomas.berger@elsys.ch, or visit www.elsys-instruments.com/labview.

FLIR Systems has expanded its range of entry-level R&D-grade thermal-imaging kits for academic teaching and industrial research labs. New additions are the portable (< 1 kg) and easy-to-operate E40 and T420 packages. They eliminate guesswork with instant non-contact readings that deliver up to 76,800 repeatable, accurate temperature measurements in each thermographic image. Visualizing temperatures from –20 °C to +650 °C, the kits deliver high accuracy (±2%) and sensitivity (up to < 0.045 °C) to reveal fine thermal variations. For a full information pack, contact FLIR: e-mail research@flir.com, or visit www.flir.com/thermography/americas/us/view/?id=49960.