Now in its fifth year, the CERN-ISEF award of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) brought 12 winners on a one-week trip to CERN – which included the CMS cavern – at the end of June. The winners – aged 15–20 – came from Canada, Romania, Switzerland and the US, with projects that ranged from using artificial intelligence to creating a low-cost self-driving car to the robotic assessment of seed vitality.

Jonah Kohn, right, brought music to the CMS cavern on 2 July, playing the CMS guitar alongside its owner, physicist Piotr Traczyk. As winner of the 13–14 age category of the 2012 Google Science Fair, Kohn's prize included a week as an international particle physicist at both Fermilab and CERN. His winning project involved improving the experience of music for people with hearing loss by creating a device that converts sound into tactile vibrations.

Three French 18 year olds – left to right, Céline Lay, Fanny Risbourg and Ophélia Bolmin – came to see CERN, including the ATLAS cavern, at the start of July through EIROforum's involvement in the European Union Contest for Young Scientists. They won their week-long visit by engineering a hexapedal robot – a lightweight humanitarian robot that imitates a cockroach and can be sent to devastated places to find victims or to evaluate damage.