The ORTEC Products Group of AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology has introduced the LDM-1, an integrated gamma-ray spectrometer for fixed and mobile counting-room applications. The self-contained Laboratory Detector Module (LDM-1) builds on technologies developed for the ORTEC Detective family of portable nuclide identifiers. Powered from a small 10–17 V DC supply, it has a built-in battery back-up. It also has a built-in a high-stability digital signal processor. For more information, tel +1 865 482 4411, fax +1 865 483 0396 or visit

Amphenol Aerospace has announced a new high-speed, rugged connector capable of delivering data rates up to 10 Gbps per pair. The high-density Oval Contact System (OCS) features improved signal integrity with reduced cross-talk and enhanced attenuation performance for high-speed applications including, 10/40G Ethernet, HDMI/DVI video, 1/2/4/8G fibre channel and PCI express. For further details, contact Sandra Ford, or see

Cobham Technical Services has extended the capabilities of the Opera-3D finite element software for electromagnetic design with a new solver to analyse natural vibration modes. The tool should prove useful for electrical machine developers to investigate and minimize forces that might cause oscillations close to the natural frequencies of the equipment. The new modal solver – STRESS/EV – finds a user-specified number of eigenvalues within a specified frequency range and calculates the eigenvectors of each mode. For more information, contact Julie Shepherd, tel +44 1865 370 151, fax +44 1865 370 277, e-mail, or visit

Hiden Analytical has announced the Hiden HPR-60 mass spectrometer for the direct analysis of ions, radicals and neutral species in reactive processes. The system typically operates in pressure regimes from 5 mbar to 5 bar. Options provide for measurement of neutrals, positive ions, negative ions and ion energies, with a choice of mass range up to 2500 amu. The system samples directly from the process using a sequence of up to three pressure-reduction stages, providing a sampling range of 5 mbar to 100 mbar for the two-stage system and to 5 bar with the third stage. For further details, tel +44 1925 445 225, e-mail or see