Maxon Motor has announced the ESCON 36/2 DC, the first in a new servo controller range. The extremely compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM offers efficient control of brushed permanent-magnet activated DC motors up to about 72 W. For details, contact Barbara Schlup, tel +41 41 662 43 89, fax +41 41 666 1676, e-mail, or see

Datel, a business unit of Murata Power Solutions, has introduced the DAC-12100 series of low power 12-bit current output digital-to-analogue converters with TTL/CMOS compatible inputs. With a 100 MHz conversion rate, these devices suit speed-critical applications. With an extremely low-glitch energy characteristic of 3.0 pV-s compared to the industry norm of 100 pV-s, the DAC-12100 generates little switching noise. Murata Power Solutions has also announced the 6000A and 6000B series of surface-mount power inductors. Both series can accommodate high-current throughput and offer a wide range of inductance values. For more information, contact Sarah Smith, e-mail, or visit and

Specialised Imaging Ltd has announced a new range of high-power xenon flash units optimized for use with ultra-high-speed cameras. The SI-IMS300 flash unit offers a high-intensity source with a short duration making it ideal for processes that occur over a short time window. The SI-MSFH500 flash system offers the flexibility of four controllable high-intensity flash lights for use in scientific and industrial environments. For further details, tel +44 1442 827 728, e-mail, or see

XP Power has introduced the JHM10 series of board-mounted compact isolated 10 W DC/DC converters. With a maximum leakage current of 2 μA, the converters have reinforced input-to-output insulation at a working voltage of 250 VAC and provide an isolation of up to 4000 VAC for up to 1 minute, and up to 5000 VAC for up to 10 ms. For more information, contact Steve Head, tel +44 118 984 5515, e-mail, or visit