FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions Group has released the FLIR SC655, a high-resolution, uncooled infrared camera designed specifically for scientific and research and development applications. The SC655 provides both high frame-rates and full 640 × 480 imagery, enabling capture of more than 300,000 pixels of accurate temperature-measurement data in a single image. The dual-purpose FLIR GF320 camera can be used for thermal inspections at plants. It is fully radiometric, meaning it can detect, measure and visualize temperature. For more details, contact Johan Tegstam, e-mail, or visit

Future Technology Devices International Limited has announced the TTL-232RG family of USB-to-TTL serial UART converter cables, which build upon the existing family of cables by offering new versions to support an extended variety of voltage I/O levels. The cables feature a USB-to-serial-converter PCB encapsulated within a standard type-A USB connector with a wire-ended asynchronous UART output. For more details, contact Erika Dichtl, e-mail or see

Maxon Motor has introduced the next generation of EPOS – easy-to-use positioning systems. Several variants of the EPOS2 24/2 positioning controller permit the use of various brushed DC motors with encoder or brushless EC motors with Hall sensors and encoder up to 48 W. The variety of operating modes, such as position, velocity and current mode, means that they can be used flexibly in automation technology, tool building and in mechatronic drive systems. For more details, visit

Narda Safety Test Solutions has extended the frequency range of its Area Monitors AMB-8057 up to 7 GHz, so that they can capture the electromagnetic radiation emanating from WiMax, WiFi, WLAN and other wireless services, and from industrial controllers. The probe makes a linear measurement of the electric field in the range 100 kHz to 7 GHz. A separate version allows selective capture of the field components emanating from mobile phone services at 900 MHz. For more details, e-mail or see

PI has introduced a 2-axis digital controller for ultrasonic high-stability piezo motor stages, such as those used on the latest generation microscopes. The C-867 piezo motor controller is designed for closed-loop micropositioning systems equipped with piezo linear motor drives. It can be operated from a host PC either via a USB port or an RS-232 interface. For more details, e-mail or visit