Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc has introduced a low vibration, cryogen-free micro-manipulated probe station. The new CCR-based probe station provides efficient temperature operation and control with a 4 K cryogen-free closed-cycle refrigerator. It operates over 4.5–350 K, providing a stability of 10 mK. Control heaters provide the probe station with fast thermal response and rapid warm-up for a sample exchange of 3.5 hours. Six ultra-stable probe arms allow precise three-axis control of the probe position. For more information tel +1 614 891 2244, fax +1 614 818 1600, e-mail or see

McPherson's new Spectral Test Station (STS) provides a 100 mm diameter collimated and wavelength-variable monochromatic light beam to illuminate, spectrally calibrate and document the radiometric sensitivity and response characteristics of spectral and hyper-spectral sensors. The STS delivers discrete bands of monochromatic light and/or scans selected spectral regions from < 200 nm to 14 μm. The system is useful for QC testing of multiple detector chips, CCDs or focal plane arrays. Chips on substrates up to four inches in size can be reliably tested. For further details tel +1 978 256 4512, fax +1 978 250 8625, e-mail or see

Physik Instruments (PI) LP has announced the new P-876 line of piezo composite patch transducers, which are highly bendable and tolerate bending radii as low as 20 mm. The rugged design ensures reliability, high resistance to damage and a lifetime of more than 109 cycles. PI also now offers a new family of ultrasonic piezo-motor-driven linear stages, including models M-663, M-664 and M-682, which provide travel ranges to 50 mm. A direct metrology linear encoder with 0.1 μm resolution provides high linearity and positioning accuracy. The integrated ceramic linear motors can generate push–pull forces up to 7 N, at speeds to 400 mm/s. For more information tel +1 508 832 3456 or +1 949 679 9191, fax +1 508 832 0506 or +1 949 679 9292 or e-mail

UltraVolt Inc has announced the development of a line of precision, enhanced power supplies, called the "E" Series, which operates from 0–1 kV to 0–15 kV at 4 W, 15–20 W, or 30 W. The "E" Series modules offer a high-resolution, programmable, high-voltage DC output optimized for bias or power applications. Target specifications include a tight temperature coefficient of < 10 ppm for the +10 VDC reference, output voltage monitor, and HV output. Each model also has output current calibrated to < ± 0.01%. For further information tel +1 800 948 7693 or see