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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

80th birthday

On 30 September - 1 October, Moscow's Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics (ITEP) organized a celebration to mark the 80th birthday of the great Russian theoretical physicist of Armenian origin Karen Ter-Martyrosian, who recently became a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is impossible to describe all of Ter-Martyrosian's achievements because his interests are multiple, from the three-body problem to diffractive scattering and particle production, as well as heavy-flavour physics and weak decays. He has also been - and still is - a great teacher. Among his students was the late Vladimir Gribov, one of Russia's most famous theoreticians. It was impressive and touching to see that representatives of all the great research centres of the former Soviet Union were present, from St Petersburg to Kiev, and from Yerevan to Novosibirsk. I was the only westerner, representing CERN, and in fact the rest of the world! Left to right: Karen Ter-Martyrosian, Igor Dremin of the Lebedev Institute, and Alexei Kaidalov of ITEP, a long-time collaborator of Ter-Martyrosian. (From André Martin, CERN.)