• An International Workshop on "Electron­Positron Collisions from Phi to J/Psi" will be held at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia from 1­5 March 1999. It will bring together theorists and experimentalists interested in low-energy hadron physics. More information from: e-mail "vepp99@inp.nsk.su"; fax 7-383-234-2163; tel. 7-3832-359833 (T Purlatz) or 7-3832-359734 (A Bondar); home page "http://www.inp.nsk.su/phipsi/".
  • DIS99, the 7th International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering and QCD will be organized by DESY Zeuthen from 19­23 April 1999, at the institute.

    For more information see "http://www.ifh.de/~dis99/". E-mail "dis99@ifh.de". DESY-Zeuthen ­ DIS99, D-15738 Zeuthen, Germany. Fax +49 33762 77-413.
  • The next "Workshop on small x Physics" will be held at Tel Aviv University from 15­19 June. This workshop follows those held in Saclay (1994), Cambridge (1995), Durham (1996), Madrid (1997) and Berlin (1998).

    Further information at "http://www.tau.ac.il/~smallx".
  • The Chicago International Conference on Kaon Physics (KAON '99) will be held on the campus of the University of Chicago, 21­26 June 1999. It follows a series of conferences of similar emphasis, formerly held at KEK, at Frascati, and most recently at the Orsay Workshop on K Physics, in June 1996. The symposium is being hosted by the Department of Physics and the Enrico Fermi Institute of the University of Chicago; Jon Rosner and Bruce Winstein are co-chairpersons. Attendance is by invitation only.

    E-mail "KAON99@hep.uchicago.edu".
  • FEL99, the 21st International Free Electron Laser Conference and 6th FEL Applications Workshop will be held on 23­28 August 1999 in Hamburg, Germany. The conference will cover scientific and technological aspects of Free Electron Lasers.

    Conference secretary: Ingrid Nikodem, FEL99, DESY, Notkestr. 85, D-22607 Hamburg, Germany. Tel. +49 40 8998 2800 Fax: +49 40 8998 4200. E-mail "fel99@desy.de". Web "http://www.desy.de/fel99".