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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Digital edition

Digital edition

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CERN Courier: January/February 2018

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 58 Issue 1


The long road to Linac4

Linac4 is on its way to join the LHC injection chain.

Therapeutic particles

Accelerator technology is poised to unleash new treatment modes in more compact ways.

Isotopes for precision medicine

The CERN-MEDICIS facility has produced its first radioisotopes for medical research.

The changing landscape of cancer therapy

The use of beams of protons or ions to kill tumours is beginning to transform the global cancer therapy scene.

Bridging the gap

Push to develop robust and affordable medical linear accelerators for low- to middle-income countries.

Networking against cancer

ENLIGHT is focusing on education and training to promote hadron therapy in Europe.


Faces & Places

• ECFA elects new chairperson • Change of director at US accelerator school • WMAP scientists awarded 2018 Breakthrough Prize • Weizmann Institute honours Jenni • Dublin City University acclaim for Myers • Schukraft receives Niels Bohr Institute's Honorary Medal • 25 years of the LHC experimental programme • Inauguration ceremony promotes Hyper-Kamiokande project • Dark-matter and cosmic-ray celebrations • Japan science festival looks beyond the boundaries •  Fun at the fair • Berkeley physicists march in Pride Parade • Weighing up the LHC's future • Sizing up physics beyond colliders • CERN and Member States talk med-tech • Top physics focus in Portugal • CERN presents high readiness-level technologies in Atlanta • Implications of LHCb results brought into focus • Electromagnetic interactions with nucleons • Particle physics meets quantum optics •  Visits


• Lev Lipatov 1940–2017 • John Smith 1938–2017 • Maria Krawczyk 1946–2017


• ISOLDE then and now • Neutrinos and the Standard Model • Dick Garwin and g-2