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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Digital edition

Digital edition

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CERN Courier: January/February 2017

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 57 Issue 1


The dawn of a new era

Gravitational waves open a profound new vista on nature.

General relativity at 100

Testing Einstein’s masterpiece with ever increasing precision.

Gravity's quantum side

Quantum gravity continues to confound theorists.

The LHC's extra dimension

Searches at ATLAS and CMS constrain models of extra dimensions.

Catching a gravitational wave

The technology behind LIGO’s epochal discovery.

Does antimatter fall up?

CERN experiments to test the free-fall of antiatoms.

The many lives of supergravity

Forty years at the forefront of attempts to unify nature’s forces.

Linking waves to particles

Gravitational waves could also shed light on the microscopic world.


Faces & Places

• New management at linear collider • ESO appoints astronomer Barcons as new director general • Next theory leader for Jefferson Lab • LHC operations changes hands • Heuer given highest French honour • String theorists snare Breakthrough Prize • Humboldt award for Brookhaven physicist • Atomic pioneer wins presidential medal • Neutrino physicist takes up Pascal Chair • Russian Academy of Sciences elects theorists as latest new members • Visits • Triangulating in Mumbai • PSI event probes the low-energy frontier • Nanotechnology meets HEP in Darmstadt • Super future for medical accelerators • Higgs Couplings 2016 • Hard probe for QCD matter • Exotic nuclei and super-heavy elements • Introduction to accelerator physics


• Ovsat Abdinov 1944–2016 • Malcolm Derrick 1933–2016 • Valery Khovanskiy 1940–2016 • Ted Wilson 1938–2016


• Particle Physics in the LHC Era • Tutorials in Radiotherapy Physics: Advanced Topics with Problems and Solutions • Books received