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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Digital edition

Digital edition

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CERN Courier: September 2016

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 56 Issue 7


CMS gears up for the LHC data deluge

Trigger upgrade helps CMS tame collision environment of LHC Run 2.

Storage ring steps up search for electric dipole moments

JEDI collaboration seeks to use storage ring to pinpoint signs of new physics.

Belle II super-B factory experiment takes shape at KEK

Following in the footsteps of Belle at the KEKB facility, a new super-B factory will search for new weak interactions in the flavour sector.

MAX IV paves the way for ultimate X-ray microscope

Novel machine lattice produces brightest ever X-ray beams.


Faces & Places

• New chair of Brookhaven physics department • Jefferson Lab director wins Glazebrook Medal • Non-locality bags Dirac Medal • Daresbury physicist wins Rutherford Medal • APS recognises nucleon structure • Artist wins CERN residency • Milan exhibition opens its doors • Next ATLAS spokesperson selected • SUSY reports from down under • X-ray focus for CERN Accelerator School • EuroScience Open Forum discusses science on a European scale • CERN and Turkey transfer knowledge • Event spotlight • HEPTech takes research out of the lab • Visits


• Helen Edwards 1936–2016 • Stephen Gasiorowicz 1928–2016 • Victor Alexandrovich Karnaukhov 1930–2016 • Pablo Rodríguez Pérez 1976–2016 • Nikolai Maksimovich Shumeiko 1942–2016 • Guido Vegni 1931–2016


• Experimental Studies of Neutrino Oscillations • Neutrino Oscillations: A Practical Guide to Basics and Applications • PWA90: A Lifetime Of Emergence • Books received