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Digital edition

Digital edition

CERN Courier is now available as a regular digital edition. Click here to read the digital edition.

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Chasing new physics with electroweak penguins

The search for heavy particles beyond the direct reach of the LHC.

Nuclotron tests out stochastic cooling in Dubna

Preparations are under way for the future NICa facility.

Towards a Higgs boson: first steps in an incredible journey

In June 1993, ATLAS and CMS received the provisional go-ahead to submit technical proposals.

Training young physicists: a 20-year success story

The origin and development of the European School of High-Energy Physics.


Faces & Places

• ACFA and IPAC announce accelerator prizes • Dark matter on the menu in Münster • Progress bridges experimental and theoretical physics • Collide@CERN–Geneva prize awarded to film maker • Visits


• Henri Cornille 1929–2013 • Peter Norton 1945–2013


• North American Particle Accelerator Conference


• Lectures on Quantum Mechanics • Stochastic Cooling of Particle Beams • Basic Concepts of String Theory

Inside (photo)story

In September, amateur and professional photographers had the opportunity to explore particle-physics laboratories around the world in the second Particle Physics Photowalk.