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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Digital edition

Digital edition

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CERN Courier: June 2012

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 52 Issue 5


ALICE tracks charm energy loss in the QGP

Results on the energy loss of charm quarks in lead collisions at the LHC.

Silicon sensors go 3D

Producing radiation-hard tracking detectors for the ATLAS upgrade.

The DarkSide of Gran Sasso

Towards new levels of sensitivity in detecting dark-matter particles.

Edoardo Amaldi and the origins of ESA

In 1958, Edoardo Amaldi set out his vision for a European organization for research in space in a letter that has now itself gone into space.

CO2 cooling is getting hot in high-energy physics

The benefits of carbon-dioxide cooling for silicon detectors.


Faces & Places

CERN supports new centre for business incubation in the UK • France at CERN • Trân Thanh Vân receives the AIP’s Tate Medal • Alain Aspect receives Albert Einstein Medal • London’s Royal Society elects new fellows • Maury Tigner takes a back seat • Kadyshevsky celebrates 75 years • The latest vehicle for accelerating news • Visits


Patrice Payre 1950–2010 • Siegfried Wolff 1939–2012 • Pedro Waloschek 1929–2012 • Fang Lizhi 1936–2012


CERN’s accelerators, experiments and international integration 1959–2009. The European Physical Journal H 36 (4) • Books received