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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: May 2007

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 47 Issue 4


Theory of unity connects science and social values

The Festival of Science 2006, held in Genoa, Italy, attracted 250,000 visitors. Physicist and systems theorist Fritjof Capra, one of the special guests of the event, talked to Beatrice Bressan about his vision and objectives for education in sustainable living.

Canada looks to future of subatomic physics

A recent review by the Canadian subatomic-physics community has identified the main priorites for the coming years for research in nuclear and particle physics in Canada.

FAIR builds future for ion and antiproton research

Construction should begin later this year on the new Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Darmstadt, and the first experiments could start up in 2012.

SNO: solving the mystery of the missing neutrinos

Nick Jelley and Alan Poon look at the achievements of the experiment that finally solved the solar-neutrino problem and helped reveal a new world of neutrinos with mass.

The LHC: illuminating the high-energy frontier

During the next few years, discoveries at CERN's Large Hadron Collider will revolutionize our understanding of matter, forces and space. John Ellis looks at what might lie in store.

Spark-proof GEM gives higher gain

A team from CERN and INFN has developed the resistive-electrode thick GEM, or RETGEM, which offers a high gain while being intrinsically protected against sparks.


Viewpoint: A new challenge for particle physics

TRIUMF's new director Nigel Lockyer looks to the future of co-operation in particle physics, and Canada's role in this increasingly global adventure.

Looking Back

Core before Moore

From the May 1964 issue.

Around the Lab in four hours

From the May 1964 issue