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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Digital edition

Digital edition

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CERN Courier: April 2007

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 47 Issue 3


US looks to new rare-isotope science facility

A new heavy-ion linear accelerator based in the US would provide the opportunity to tackle directly the current challenges arising from investigations of nuclear science.

George Smoot: the Indiana Jones of the universe

During a visit to CERN, 2006 Nobel laureate George Smoot talked to Arnaud Marsollier about his quest to explore the early universe, and how cosmology and particle physics are coming together in a grand crusade.

MEGAPIE leads the way to waste transmutation

A high-power proton beam and a special target have produced a high-power neutron source at PSI, with potential for the transmutation of radioactive waste.

RF antennas help unravel cosmic rays

The first results from the CODALEMA experiment are introducing a new approach for studying very high-energy cosmic rays.

Zurich workshop faces the LHC's precision challenge

With Switzerland's reputation for exactitude, Zurich was the ideal place for scientists to discuss high precision for hard processes at the LHC in last year's HP2 workshop.

Computing News and Features

Processors size up for physics at the LHC

When the LHC starts up, the physicists will rely mainly on industry-standard volume servers that leverage PC technologies to analyse the data. Sverre Jarp, CTO of CERN's openlab, looks at the challenges for software in the LHC era and how processors have evolved.


Viewpoint: New council provides a fresh look for UK big science

John Womersley explains the changes taking place in the UK's support structure for nuclear and particle physics and the operation of large science facilities.

Looking Back

Shut-down at the SC

From the April 1964 issue