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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: March 2007

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 47 Issue 2


The EEE Project: big science goes to school

Antonino Zichichi tells Bob Swarup about his initiative to bring frontier research in physics into the heart of Italian schools and to encourage the next generation of physicists.

Axions create excitement and doubt at Princeton

A workshop at the Institute for Advanced Study paid much attention to a small-scale experiment that might have found the first direct indication of a new particle.

CMS: a super solenoid is ready for business

The powerful superconducting solenoid for the CMS experiment has passed its commissioning tests with flying colours and is now ready for routine operation.

CMS collaboration takes on a cosmic challenge

During two periods in summer and autumn 2006, the CMS collaboration took advantage of the near-complete assembly of the detector above ground to test its performance with cosmic rays, from support systems through to data-acquisition.

PSI pixels spin off into research with X-rays

The countdown to the LHC start-up has begun, but even before the first protons have collided, pixel detectors designed for the CMS experiment are being used in other areas.

LUMI'06 takes strides towards LHC upgrade

The LUMI'06 workshop, which took place in Valencia, brought together experts from Europe, Japan and the US to review scenarios for increasing the LHC's luminosity.

String theory meets heavy ions in Shanghai

The latest experimental results from the heavy-ion programmes at RHIC and CERN's SPS were the focus of attention at QM2006 in Shanghai. For the first time there were discussions about attempts to connect these data with string theory.


Viewpoint: Amazing particles and light

Swapan Chattopadhyay reflects on the extraordinary fundamental value of accelerators.

Looking Back

On the brink of a breakthrough

From the March 1964 issue