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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: July/August 2006

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 46 Issue 6


The future's bright for the Pierre Auger Observatory

Researchers at the Pierre Auger Observatory have taken investigations of air showers created by very-high-energy cosmic rays to new heights. Alan Watson reports on progress.

COMPASS homes in on the nucleon spin

In continuing CERN's long tradition in investigating and unravelling the spin structure of the nucleon, the COMPASS experiment is also pioneering new detection techniques.

Let there be axions

Konstantin Zioutas reports on the first Joint ILIAS-CAST-CERN Axion Training workshops, which covered a wide range of studies, from experiments at nuclear reactors to investigations of the roles of axions in solar physics and cosmology.

Ettore Majorana: genius and mystery

Antonino Zichichi provides a dual insight into Ettore Majorana: the genius of his many contributions to physics, and the mystery that surrounds his disappearance.

CMS closes up for magnet test and cosmic challenge

Members of the CMS collaboration have spent much of this year preparing for crucial tests before starting to lower the gigantic detector into the underground cavern in the autumn.

Pisa pushes new frontiers

The island of Elba, off the coast of Tuscany, hosted the 10th Pisa meeting on frontier detectors, a quarter of a century since the meetings began. Giorgio Chiarelli reports.

Looking Back

CERN's fellows and visitors get involved

From the July/August 1963 issue