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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Digital edition

Digital edition

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CERN Courier: April 2006

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 46 Issue 3


Prague meeting focuses on colliders and cosmic rays

The C2CR meeting in Prague targeted the interface between cosmic-ray physics and the current and future results from accelerators and colliders.

HERMES looks for final pieces in nucleon-spin puzzle

Having successfully fulfilled its mission to track down the quark contribution to the nucleon's spin, HERMES now aims at providing an even more complete picture of nucleon spin.

The HERMES gas target: 10 years on

Erhard Steffens describes the various phases in a successful decade of operation of the HERMES gas target, which may live on with future use for antiproton polarization.

Nucleon form factors stride into the future

At a three-day meeting at Frascati, physicists from around the world met to discuss the implications of striking new results on the nucleon space-like and time-like form factors.

Computing News and Features

Networking tackles the LHC challenge

David Foster describes how the challenging requirements of the LHC Computing Grid have changed the way that networking is organized for high-energy physics.

Counting on uncertainty

Quantum computing lies at the boundary between physics and computer science, and is regularly yielding headline news.


2006: l'impulsion relancée

Martial Ducloy et Martin C E Huber encouragent la communauté scientifique à tirer parti de l'élan donné par l'Année mondiale de la physique en 2005.

Looking Back

Physics using future accelerators

From the April 1963 issue