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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: November 2005

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 45 Issue 9


Experiments finally unveil a precise portrait of the Z

After six years of preparation, a 300 page article combining thousands of measurements from five different experiments presents a precision study of the properties of the Z boson.

Fifty years of antiprotons

It is 50 years since Emilio Segrè, Owen Chamberlain and their group first created an antiproton. Lynn Yarris describes their achievement at Berkeley's Bevatron in 1955.

New exhibition unites people and ideas

The 1st European Research and Innovation Exhibition, held in Paris, attracted 24,000 visitors. Astrophysicist Jean Audouze, chairman of the exhibition's Scientific Committee, talked to Beatrice Bressan about the event's objectives and its impact.

Uppsala 2005: leptons, photons and a lot more

The biennial Lepton-Photon conference was held in Uppsala on 30 June - 5 July. The talks erected the impressive edifice known as the Standard Model and showed that experimental ingenuity has not yet shaken its foundations. Francis Halzen summarizes.

Close nucleon encounters

Jefferson Lab may have directly observed short-range nucleon correlations, with densities similar to those at the heart of a neutron star. Mark Strikman explains.

Wisdom generation in the Alps: a student's tale

Sezen Sekmen describes her experience as a student at the European School for High Energy Physics, which was hosted this year by Austria in the scenic town of Kitzbühel.

Computing News and Features

Internet growth requires new transmission protocol

TCP governs the bulk of Internet traffic, but is struggling to keep up. Damon Wischik examines possible solutions to the current problems of sending data at high rates.


Viewpoint: The dark side of computing power

Urs Hölzle from Google points out that while the performance of commodity computer clusters continues to increase, so does their electrical power consumption.

Looking Back

Niels Bohr 1885–1962

From the November 1962 issue