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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: October 2005

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 45 Issue 8


H-jet measures beam polarization at RHIC

The RHIC accelerator collides 100 GeV polarized protons head-on to study the contribution of gluons to the proton spin. But how is the degree of polarization of the beam known? Willy Haeberli explains.

Deep inside the proton

The DIS 2005 workshop reviewed progress in deep inelastic scattering and quantum chromodynamics, and provided the chance to plan for the future, reports Wesley Smith.

Symposium previews the future of hadron colliders

The HCP2005 Symposium, held in the Swiss Alps, discussed the latest results from the Tevatron and the prospect that the LHC will open new scientific frontiers.

Masterclass spreads the word for physics

Between 7 and 19 March 2005 more than 3000 teenagers from across Europe spent a day working at the frontier of physics in the first European Masterclasses for High School Students. Michael Kobel reports on this successful educational event.

HELEN network unites Europe and Latin America

Luciano Maiani describes the creation of the High Energy Physics Latin-American-European Network - HELEN - which aims to promote fundamental physics in Latin America through training the younger generations in high-energy physics.

Investigating the proton's strange sea

Several research groups are conducting experiments to determine the exact contributions of strange quarks in the quark-gluon "sea" to the proton's charge distribution and magnetization.

Network boosts progress in therapy with light ions

ENLIGHT, the European Network for Research in Light Ion Therapy, has had its final meeting. But Manjit Dosanjh and Giulio Magrin say its crucial work must continue.

Pomerons return to Blois

Pomeron physics and QCD met once again at the XIth International Conference on Elastic and Diffractive Scattering: Towards High Energy Frontiers.


Viewpoint: When physics needs the public

Herman White argues the case for public participation in the decision-making process for the International Linear Collider.

Looking Back

Six months at Dubna

From the October 1962 issue