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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: December 2005

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 45 Issue 10


A magnetic memorial to decades of experiments

Chris Jones looks back 45 years to when the arrival of a special magnet at CERN began a long dynasty of g-2 experiments that continued at the laboratory for more than 20 years.

Setting the record straight

Walter Oelert, leader of the team that 10 years ago obtained the first antimatter atoms, talks to Tomasz Rozek about the fact and fiction surrounding the discovery.

Do gamma rays reveal our galaxy's dark matter?

An observed excess of diffuse gamma rays traces the distribution of dark matter in our galaxy through its annihilations. Wim de Boer describes a recent analysis of the data.

Gamma-ray bursts: a look behind the headlines

Has the 35 year old mystery regarding gamma-ray bursts really been solved, and are recent observations really a complete surprise? Arnon Dar thinks not.

ILC comes to Snowmass

In August nearly 700 scientists and engineers from North America, Asia and Europe got together at Snowmass in the US to advance the design of the International Linear Collider and its detectors, and to refine the physics case for this next-generation machine.

How CERN keeps its cool

Research at CERN centres on very high particle energies, but it also involves the application of very low temperature techniques. Giorgio Passardi and Laurent Tavian take a look at the evolution of the laboratory's use of cryogenics.

REX-ISOLDE accelerates the first isomeric beams

CERN's REX-ISOLDE facility has opened up a new avenue for nuclear investigations by accelerating isomeric beams for the first time, as Georgi Georgiev explains.

Looking Back

The practical value of science

From the December 1962 issue