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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: September 2003

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 43 Issue 7


Has the deconfinement phase transition been seen?

New results from the NA49 experiment at CERN suggest that the onset of the transition to deconfined quarks and gluons has been observed at the lower end of the SPS energy region.

Deuteron-gold collisions clarify 'jet quenching' results

New measurements at RHIC provide further insight into heavy-ion collisions at high energies.

ALICE prepares for still higher energies

Collisions of lead ions at the LHC will take heavy-ion physics into a new high-energy regime.

On the trail of dark energy

One of the most remarkable discoveries of recent years is that the universe appears to be dominated by some form of "dark energy", as Eric Linder explains.

mSUGRA celebrates its 20th year

The SUGRA20 conference recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the invention of minimal supergravity grand unification, or mSUGRA, as Paul Frampton and Pran Nath describe.

The tale of the Hagedorn temperature

Johann Rafelski and Torleif Ericson recall Rolf Hagedorn's discovery of a limiting temperature - in effect a melting point for hadrons - and its influence on the physics of strong interactions.

Frontier techniques for particle physics and beyond

Giorgio Chiarelli reports from the 9th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors, held this year on the island of Elba.


Viewpoint: Technology brings the world to Africa

Harry McConnell, director of the Interactive Health Network and chief executive officer of the International eHealth Association, explains why communication technologies are so important for health and development in Africa.