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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: July/August 2003

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 43 Issue 6


Decision to flood hits US underground science plans

The announcement that pumping will stop at the Homestake mine has clouded the future of the favoured site for a proposed major underground laboratory in the US.

The legacy of the bubble chamber

A recent one-day meeting in Bologna looked back on the era of the bubble chamber, and recalled its technical achievements and main discoveries, as well as the sociology behind its development.

Testing times for strings

The "hidden" dimensions of string theory may be much larger than was previously thought and may soon come within experimental reach, together with the strings themselves. Ignatios Antoniadis gives an introduction to string physics and describes how it may soon be testable at particle colliders.

Developing countries and CERN

John Ellis looks at what CERN can offer scientists - and the wider society - in developing countries.

The antiproton: a subatomic actor with many roles

From providing a window on fundamental symmetries to probing the strong interaction, LEAP'03 covered the many parts played by low-energy antiprotons from accelerators, as John Eades reports.


Viewpoint: Internet for the masses

Onno Purbo, a prominent Indonesian IT expert, sees a self-financed, bottom-up Internet infrastructure as the key to achieving a knowledge-based society in developing countries.