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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

Digital edition

Digital edition

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CERN Courier: June 2003

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 43 Issue 5


A new life for Indiana's cyclotron

Built for research in nuclear physics, the cyclotron at Indiana University now has a new role, which includes radiation testing for high-energy particle physics.

The ring on the parking lot

Thirty years ago, a handful of tenacious physicists put up a $5 million storage ring on a parking lot at SLAC. Shawna Williams reflects on its glorious past and its promising future.

Neutrinos: universal messengers at all scales

The beautiful interior of the San Vidal church in Venice was the setting for a workshop on neutrino telescopes, which looked at the many messages neutrinos carry.

ANTARES succeeds with underwater connections

A prototype ANTARES detection line is returning data after a two-day mission by the Nautile submersible to make the necessary connections on the sea-bed.

Charles Peyrou and his impact on physics

Lucien Montanet, one of the closest colleagues of Charles Peyrou, who died on 6 April, recalls Peyrou's major contributions to physics and to research at CERN.


Viewpoint: Physics in a knowledge-based economy

Maurice Jacob, a former president of the European Physical Society, argues that a future dynamic economy will depend on a strong physics base.