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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: March 2003

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 43 Issue 2


Are the fundamental constants constant?

Recent astronomical observations have raised the possibility that the natural constants are time-dependent. Harald Fritzsch considers the case for inconstant constants.

Acoustic manoeuvres in the dark

The ANTARES underwater neutrino telescope has passed twin deployment milestones on its way to implementation. Greg Hallewell reports.

Surveying the status of Bulgarian particle physics

Bulgaria joined CERN in June 1999 as the laboratory's 20th member state. An ECFA visit took place in September 2002 to find out about particle physics in the country.

COSMO-02 views the universe from Chicago

Christian Armendáriz-Picón and Géraldine Servant report from the sixth conference in the COSMO series.

Neutrinos lead beyond the desert

The Finnish town of Oulu, on the Gulf of Bothnia, almost at the Arctic Circle, provided a pleasant atmosphere for a conference on particle physics beyond the Standard Model.


Viewpoint: Understanding the physics of the universe

A new institute at Stanford comes at just the right time, says Roger Blandford, future director of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology.