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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: April 2000

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 40 Issue 3


Cracow establishes a tradition

Neutrinos were the subject of an annual conference held in Poland in January.

Heavy implications for the first second

After a decade of running, the results from CERN's research programme with high-energy nuclear beams provide tantalizing glimpses of mechanisms that shaped our universe.

Making muon rings round neutrino factories

A new way of making neutrino beams has caught the attention of physicists worldwide.

Neutrons in the material world

Some 15 years ago, an ambitious plan to create a neutron source out of an aging particle accelerator came to fruition. Today, accelerator, detector and data acquisition developments continue to play an important role in keeping ISIS at the forefront of neutron science.

Honouring Burton Richter

Winner of a Nobel Prize for physics, a longtime laboratory director and a leading figure in international science - Burton Richter's contributions range wide. A recent celebration at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center paid tribute.

Bogolyubov conference caravan takes in Moscow, Dubna and Kiev

Last year the 90th anniversary of the birth of Russian scientific polymath Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogolyubov was marked by an international conference, which travelled through the three cities where he worked

Discovery of doubly magic nickel

An experiment at the French GANIL laboratory has recently discovered a new "doubly magic" nucleus - only the tenth such isotope known to science.