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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: December 2000

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 40 Issue 10


Supersymmetry physics on (and off) the brane

The search for supersymmetry, or other physics beyond the Standard Model (SM) is becoming ever more tantalizing. The idea that the SM is theoretically incomplete is an old one. There is now a whole range of innovative and experimentally striking suggestions for this new physics that underlies the SM. A recent conference at CERN, Supersymmetry 2000, surveyed the scene.

Past, present and future

Germany's impressive scientific traditions are a role model for other nations. A recent European committee meeting in Berlin painted a lively and informative picture of the current German scene.

LEPilogue: marking the end of an era

As the era of CERN's LEP electron-positron collider draws to a close, that of CERN's next major machine - the LHC proton collider - is set to begin. A special celebration event at CERN marked this major milestone in the laboratory's history.

Manufacturers put their heads in the sand

The special demands of particle physics experiments can be a challenge to suppliers. Specialist firm Electron Tubes mounted a programme for photomultiplier housings.


Viewpoint: The internationalism of science as an ideal

While international collaboration has become the backbone of Big Science, national undercurrents could erode these achievements. Thomas Walcher looks at some of the potential problems for physics journals.