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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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Digital edition

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CERN Courier: December 1998

Cover of CERN Courier Volume 38 Issue 9



Edited by Emma Sanders


HERMES heralds insight into nucleon spin

In which direction do quarks point? The HERMES experiment using DESY's HERA electron ring and an ingenious system to control the spin of the electron beam is poised to reveal new insights into the puzzle of what carries the proton's spin.

GSI treats cancer tumours with carbon ions

Germany's national laboratory for heavy-ion physics, GSI in Darmstadt, turns pure science to the service of humanity with a cancer treatment facility using carbon ions.

A GEM of a detector

A particle detection technique developed at CERN promises increased performance for major new physics experiments ­ or anywhere where the detection of charged particles is needed, such as radiography and medical diagnosis.

Small storage ring and getters win EPS prizes

The European Physical Society's Interdivisional Group on Accelerators prizes, awarded at the European Particle Accelerator Conference in Stockholm this year, reflect the traditional resourcefulness and ingenuity that keeps this field of physics so dynamic.

The AUSTRON: Austria's invitation to Europe

International partners are being sought for the AUSTRON, a proposal for a pulsed high-flux neutron spallation source which could provide an international research centre in central Europe. Austria has offered to put up a third of the costs.

The full Monte-Carlo

Monte-Carlo methods are vital simulation tools for studying high-energy particle collisions. To push the development of the Monte-Carlo generators, their underlying models and technical solutions, DESY is running a "Monte Carlo Generators for HERA Physics" workshop.

Neutrinos stop going West

Neutrinos have been a mainstay of CERN's research ­ until September, when a generation of studies at the SPS synchrotron came to an end.


Faces and Places

More news from CERN and around the world of people and events of interest to the community.