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  1. Refractory Bio-Soluble Vacuum Shapes
    Super Refractory Ceramic Fiber Co., Ltd. Aug 11, 2016

    Model No.: ALT-STYXJ Hits: 233 China Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Vacuum Shapes Super Manufacturer: Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Vacuum Shapes with High Compressive Strength.

  2. API 5L GR.B Seamless Steel Pipe
    Landee Steel Pipe Manufacturer Co., Ltd Aug 11, 2016

    API 5L GR.B SMLS PIPE Manufacturer in China: API 5L GR.B SMLS Pipe, 6 Meters, 10 Inch, SCH 30 Wall Thickness.

  3. ASME B36.10 LSAW Steel Pipe
    Landee Steel Pipe Manufacturer Co., Ltd Aug 11, 2016

    ASME B36.10 LSAW Pipe factory in China: API 5L X42 PSL1 LSAW Pipe, ASME B36.10, 12M, 28 Inch, SCH XS, BE Ends, for low pressure liquid delivery.

  4. Terahertz-frequency on-wafer probing option for cryogenic probe stations
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Aug 10, 2016

    Lake Shore Cryotronics is now offering for pre-order a unique terahertz-frequency probe arm option for their CPX, CPX-VF, CRX-4K and CRX-VF cryogenic probe stations.

  5. Multi-input cryogenic sensor modules for PLC-based temperature monitoring
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Jul 29, 2016

    Lake Shore Cryotronics benchtop instruments are trusted throughout the world for precision cryogenic temperature measurement.

  6. Lake Shore spotlighting new cryogenic sensor input modules at 38th ICHEP
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Jul 27, 2016

    Exhibit to focus on 240 Series for remote, PLC-based monitoring in large-scale physics applications.

  7. Field Installable Connector
    Fiber Zip Technology Co.,Ltd Jun 30, 2016

    Field installable connectors featuring no epoxy, polish or crimping, heat curing are factory terminated and polished to offer a around 2mins termination solution for the field engineers at low cost.

  8. Fiber Optic Attenuator
    Fiber Zip Technology Co.,Ltd Jun 30, 2016

    Fiber optic attenuator such as Build-out, In-line attenuators, adjustable and bulkhead attenuators are designed for accurate attenuation over a wide range of wavelength for different application.

  9. MFIA Impedance Analyzer and Precision LCR Meter
    Zurich Instruments Jun 30, 2016

    MFIA 5 MHz - A High-Performance Impedance Analyzer & LCR Meter for Mid-frequency Testing

  10. Lake Shore EMC conference exhibit to feature material characterization platforms
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Jun 16, 2016

    Company spotlighting THz spectroscopic system for development-grade electronic material research

  11. New Terahertz Material Characterization System Installed in Brown University Lab
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Apr 7, 2016

    Unique CW-THz spectroscopy system to aid Mittleman Lab in materials research

  12. Material measurement, characterization platforms focus of Lake Shore MRS Spring
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Mar 24, 2016

    Visit Booth 112 to see cryogenic probe station and THz probe arm option demonstrations

  13. Plastic Injection Molding
    ACO Mold Co.LTD Mar 22, 2016

    Our injection molding shop equipped 12 sets of plastic injection molding machines, range from 40ton to 800 ton, we provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week automatically production services.

  14. Model 54 Cryogenic Impedance Bridge and Temperature Controller
    Cryogenic Control Systems Inc Mar 16, 2016

    Preliminary Product Folder

  15. Lake Shore exhibiting THz probing and new sensor monitoring products at APS
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Mar 10, 2016

    Visit Booth 701 to see demonstrations and discuss material and cryogenic measurement solutions.

  16. 10W High Voltage Capacitor Charging Power Supply
    Power Conversion Technology Ltd Mar 9, 2016

    10W capacitor charging supply operating from 12VDC has adjustable output up to 1000V. Voltage feedback and remote charge enable the CCD10 is available in either open frame are enclosed configuration.

  17. Versatile AC resistance bridge for precise, ultra-low temperature control
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Mar 4, 2016

    The Lake Shore Model 372 AC resistance bridge and temperature controller makes it easy to perform multiple tasks...

  18. Lake Shore Model 372 firmware for enhanced low temperature measurements
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Mar 4, 2016

    More frequencies, sensor calibration curve interpolation added to AC resistance bridge/controller.

  19. Cirrus & Nimbus Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Systems
    Henniker Plasma Mar 4, 2016

    Henniker are pleased to announce the launch of the CIRRUS & NIMBUS atmospheric plasma treatment systems which solve a number of manufacturing issues associated with poor adhesion.

  20. Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Signal Acquisition Instrument
    Zurich Instruments Mar 2, 2016

    Fast and intuitive waveform programming with sequence branching based on mutiple detection schemes for Quantum Computing, NMR Spectroscopy and Mixed-Signal Device Testing Customers.

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