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  1. fiber optic adapter
    sopto Aug 22, 2012

    The fiber optic adapters are used in fiber optic connection, the typical use is to provide a cable to cable fiber connection. people sometimes also name them to be mating sleeves and hybrid adapters.

  2. Fiber Optical Attenuator
    sopto Aug 22, 2012

    Fiber optic attenuators are used to reduce or balance the power of the light transmitted from one device to another device, they are able to control the output of the fiber light power level.

  3. Digital Video Multiplexer
    sopto Aug 22, 2012

    Sopto provides Card-type or Stand-alone type digital video multiplexers for your choice; suitable for concentration management in 2U/4U Racks.

  4. Fiber Optic Fault Locator
    Saudi Arabia Fiber Optic Cables,Inc Aug 22, 2012

    Fiber visual fault locator is a device which is able to locate the breakpoint, bending or cracking of the fiber glass.

  5. Fiber Optic Patch Cable
    Saudi Arabia Fiber Optic Cables,Inc Aug 22, 2012

    fiber optic patch cables are more and more used to transmit telecommunication signals than traditionally copper patch cords in the network.

  6. Fiber Optical Patch Cords
    sopto Aug 21, 2012

    Sopto manufactures fiber optic patch cables, fiber optic patch cords, and pigtails. sopto provide high-quality fiber optical patch cords

  7. SFP Copper Transceiver
    sopto Aug 9, 2012

    Sopto is a high qualified manufactory, provides a variety of Fiber Optical Transceiver. Besides, other related products such as transceiver, patch cords, network card for your references.

  8. Alibava System
    Alibava Systems Jun 13, 2012

    The ALIBAVA SYSTEM is the first compact and portable system for the characterization of microstrip semiconductor radiation detectors. It is plug&play with windows and linux analysis software included.

  9. Extrel MAX-60, High Resolution Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers
    Henniker Scientific Ltd Jun 7, 2012

    Extrel MAX-60 Series quadrupole mass spectrometers from Henniker Scientific for precision mass analysis of low molecular weight species.

  10. Daughter Board
    Alibava Systems Jun 7, 2012

    The standard Daughter Board accommodates up to two "BEETLE" readout ASICs, each providing 128 analogue input board detector channels, with amplification and an analog pipeline (clocked with 40 MHz).

  11. Pitch adapters
    Alibava Systems Jun 7, 2012

    Metal-on-glass "pitch adapters" (PA) route the individual detector output channels to the amplifier's inputs. We can provide custom-designed PAs to match any required detector geometry.

  12. Trigger Card
    Alibava Systems Jun 7, 2012

    Trigger card based on silicon diodes.

  13. The Alibava Telescope (Compact Tracker)
    Alibava Systems Jun 7, 2012

    The ALIBAVA TELESCOPE combines several ALIBAVA boards to create a Compact Telescope for tracking high energy particles with fine resolution.

  14. AUREA launches its NIR Time Correlated Single Photon Counting module
    AUREA Technology May 8, 2012

    AUREA Technology is launching at CLEO 2012 the SPD_AT, its new near infrared Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) module.

  15. TMC13 Deposition Rate Controller for Thin Film Applications
    Henniker Scientific Ltd May 3, 2012

    The TMC13 Deposition Rate Controller from Henniker Scientific is a versatile, multi-channel device designed for reliable control of film thickness and rate in thin film deposition processes.

  16. The Impedans Semion™ System
    Impedans Ltd Mar 15, 2012

    The Semion™ System is a high-performance retarding field energy analyzer (RFEA) system.

  17. The Impedans ALP System™ Langmuir Probe
    Impedans Ltd Mar 15, 2012

    The ALP System™ is a high resolution and high performance Langmuir Probe system which can be used to characterize many plasma types including DC, pulsed DC, microwave and RF plasmas.

  18. The Impedans Octiv VI Probe
    Impedans Ltd Mar 15, 2012

    The Octiv VI Probe is a useful RF Power delivery monitoring system. Installed pre-match as a high performance power meter or post match for high accuracy measurements of delivered power to the process

  19. 1.25Gbps 50km SFP for Finisar Transceivers
    SFP Optic Transceivers Limited Mar 5, 2012


  20. FWLF1631RXX for Finisar 2.67GB DWDM SFP
    SFP Optic Transceivers Limited Mar 5, 2012


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