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  1. Niobium Tin Alloy Powder
    Stanford Advanced Materials Mar 10, 2014

    This high-quality niobium tin powder is a metallic alloy in submicron & nanoparticle forms. It is used industrially as a type II superconductor as well as metallurgy.

  2. In-line Polarimeter
    Phoenix Photonics Ltd Mar 6, 2014

    The Phoenix In-Line Polarimeter complements the popular FireBird range allowing for measurement of SOP changes. The instrument provides for minimally invasive polarization analysis in fiber systems.

  3. Tungsten Radiation Shielding Parts
    Stanford Advanced Materials Mar 3, 2014

    Tungsten alloys are used for radioactive source containers, gamma ray protection, radiation shields, x-ray shielding and source holders for oil-well, logging, and industrial instrumentation.

  4. ZOOM Spectra
    RESOLUTION Spectra Systems Mar 3, 2014

    ZOOM Spectra gives you access to high spectral resolutions on simultaneous bandwidth of a few nanometers. It can be used as a multimode wavelengthmeter and a laser spectrum analyzer.

  5. MICRO Spectra
    RESOLUTION Spectra Systems Mar 3, 2014

    MICRO Spectra is the only mini spectrometer giving access to ultra-high spectral resolution. You can perform measurements everywhere within 630-1070 nm range with the same device.

  6. Otdr
    Tosfy Technology Inc. Feb 19, 2014

    Feature 1) Use CED (core edge detection method) of the core 2) 4.8-inch TFT color LCD display 3) large capacity battery (more than 300 welding) 4) Compact design and light weight

  7. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
    PPI Pumps Pvt. Ltd. Jan 22, 2014

    PPI Pumps offers liquid ring vacuum pumps in two distinctive models including the single cone vacuum pumps and two stage liquid ring pumps.

  8. Flexible Metal Hose for Cryogenic Liquid Gases
    Cryofab, Inc. Jan 20, 2014

    Cryofab, Inc. adds flexible metal hose to its standard product line of cryogenic equipment & accessories. With available options, these cryogenic hoses can fit virtually all requirements.

  9. Dual IR / Visible Camera Opens Up Demanding R&D Applications
    FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions Group (FLIR ATS) Dec 6, 2013


  10. Stainless Steel Purification Filters
    Porvair Filtration Group Dec 2, 2013


  11. FLIR Systems Expands Information Via Social Networks
    FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions Group (FLIR ATS) Dec 2, 2013


  12. Flat-field grazing-incidence spectrograph for the EUV, XUV, soft X-ray range
    DR. HOERLEIN + PARTNER Dec 2, 2013

    The compact XUV spectrograph features superior signal strength through maximum light collection. Highly modular, the spectrometer is adaptable to different experimental geometries and configurations.

  13. Ultra Fast Acquisition of Dynamic Thermal Events
    FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions Group (FLIR ATS) Dec 2, 2013


  14. Small Surveillance Lens Produces Top Quality Images
    Resolve Optics Ltd. Dec 2, 2013


  15. Diode lasers for the more demanding application
    Elliot Scientific Ltd. Dec 2, 2013

    A high stability diode OEM laser with diffraction limited performance for more demanding applications is now offered by Elliot Scientific. Wavelengths available are within the range 375 to 1550 nm.

  16. Motorised Zoom Lens Helps Improves Underwater Vision 
    Resolve Optics Ltd. Dec 2, 2013


  17. Ultra High-Speed Imaging Toolbox
    Specialised Imaging Ltd. Dec 2, 2013


  18. Leading UK Institute Investigates Complex High Speed Phenomena
    Specialised Imaging Ltd. Oct 22, 2013


  19. Sterilizing Filter Cartridges
    Porvair Filtration Group Oct 17, 2013


  20. SMDN0250 Super Powerful Neodymium DISC Magnet
    Stanford Magnets Oct 14, 2013

    The SMDN0250 DISC neodymium magnet is made from high perfermance N52 NdFeB, with Nickel coating.

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