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International Journal of High-Energy Physics

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  1. LakeShoreCryotronics JEMS exhibit to feature magnetic material characterization
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Aug 19, 2016

    Visit Stand 2 to learn more about the new 7400-S VSM for highly sensitive measurement performance.

  2. Anti-corrosive Ceramic Fiber Paper
    Super Refractory Ceramic Fiber Co., Ltd. Aug 11, 2016

    Model No.: SPE -CGZ Hits: 250 China Ceramic Fiber Paper Super Manufacturer: Ceramic Fiber Paper, Made from Super Ceramic Fiber Bulk with Mixing of Inorganic Bond, Low Heat Storage.

  3. Chopped Ceramic Fiber Bulk
    Super Refractory Ceramic Fiber Co., Ltd. Aug 11, 2016

    Model No.: ALT-CG-DQM Hits: 288 China Chopped Ceramic Fiber Bulk Manufacturer: no any corrosive materials, excellent sound-absorbing capability and mechanism strength, asbestos free.

  4. Refractory Bio-Soluble Vacuum Shapes
    Super Refractory Ceramic Fiber Co., Ltd. Aug 11, 2016

    Model No.: ALT-STYXJ Hits: 233 China Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Vacuum Shapes Super Manufacturer: Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Vacuum Shapes with High Compressive Strength.

  5. Multi-input cryogenic sensor modules for PLC-based temperature monitoring
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Jul 29, 2016

    Lake Shore Cryotronics benchtop instruments are trusted throughout the world for precision cryogenic temperature measurement.

  6. New Terahertz Material Characterization System Installed in Brown University Lab
    Lake Shore Cryotronics Inc Apr 7, 2016

    Unique CW-THz spectroscopy system to aid Mittleman Lab in materials research

  7. Plastic Injection Molding
    ACO Mold Co.LTD Mar 22, 2016

    Our injection molding shop equipped 12 sets of plastic injection molding machines, range from 40ton to 800 ton, we provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week automatically production services.

  8. Scandium Oxide (Sc2O3)
    Stanford Advanced Materials Jan 12, 2016

    Stanford Advanced Materials supplies scandium oxide powder and sputtering target at competitive prices and with unrivaled customer service.

  9. GATTA-STORM Nanoruler
    GATTAquant - DNA Nanotechnologies Mar 18, 2015

    The method STORM or dSTORM is one of the most common used super-resolution techniques in light microscopy.

  10. Titanium Wire (Ti Wire)
    Stanford Advanced Materials Mar 13, 2015

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high quality titanium wires, including straight wire, coiled wire, and titanium welding wire.

  11. sputtering target
    Goodwill Metal Tech Mar 13, 2015

    We produce sputtering targets, alloys, coating materials and evaporation materials. We are also willing to produce doped targets for laboratory or experimental objective.

  12. Optical coating materials
    Goodwill Metal Tech Mar 13, 2015

    As one kinds of primary PVD coating material, Evaporation material are widely used for fields of optical, electric, photoelectric, decorate and so on.

  13. VadaTech Announces Dual FMC with Kintex-7 FPGA
    VadaTech Inc. Mar 13, 2015

    Embedded World – Mar 12, 2015 – VadaTech, a manufacturer of embedded boards and complete application-ready platforms, now offers a dual FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) carrier per the VITA 57 specification.

  14. Molybdenum Rod & Molybdenum Bar (Mo Rod & Mo Bar)
    Stanford Advanced Materials Feb 17, 2015

    Stanford Advanced Materials is a trusted supplier of Molybdenum Rod & Molybdenum Bar (Mo Rod & Mo Bar) and various forms of Molybdenum.

  15. Nitinol Wire & Nitinol Rod (Nickel titanium)
    Stanford Advanced Materials Feb 17, 2015

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) manufactures Nitinol Wire and Nitinol Rod commonly used in medical science as well as other various applications.

  16. Tungsten Crucible (High Purity W Crucible)
    Stanford Advanced Materials Feb 17, 2015

    Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) manufactures various tungsten crucibles and other Tungsten parts. We provide tailor-made products according to your drawings and specific requirements.

  17. Top-loading Cryogen-free Helium-3 Cryostat ...
    Janis Research Company, LLC Jun 16, 2014

    ...with Sample in Exchange Gas for High Pressure DAC.

  18. Flexible Metal Hose for Cryogenic Liquid Gases
    Cryofab, Inc. Jan 20, 2014

    Cryofab, Inc. adds flexible metal hose to its standard product line of cryogenic equipment & accessories. With available options, these cryogenic hoses can fit virtually all requirements.

  19. Tungsten Radiation Shielding Parts
    Stanford Materials Corporation Sep 25, 2013

    Our tungsten alloys are used for radioactive source containers, gamma ray protection, radiation shields, x-ray shielding and source holders for oil-well, logging, and industrial instrumentation.

  20. SMBN0527 Neodymium BLOCK Generator Magnet
    Stanford Magnets Sep 25, 2013

    The SMBN0527 BLOCK neodymium magnet is made from high perfermance N52 NdFeB, with Nickel coating. The dimension of this item is 1" x 3/4" x 1/2" thick.

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