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European Gravitational Observatory Jan 26, 2009

The European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) is a French-Italian Consortium located in Italy and responsible for the running, maintenance and the long-term scientific exploitation of the Virgo gravitational waves detector.


Competitively priced; full range of standard HV and UHV vacuum components, as well as custom chambers and process vessels, custom assemblies, valves and feedthroughs, all manufactured to recognised industry specifications and quality standards.

Caburn-MDC Europe SARL Jan 22, 2009

Caburn-MDC Europe is a Europe-wide manufacturer and distributor of competitively priced quality components for the construction and maintenance of vacuum systems and processes.

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC Dec 16, 2008

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC stocks thousands of off-the-shelf components for high and ultra-high vacuum applications. Our extensive manufacturing facilities and technical staff are available for all custom engineering requirements.

Elliot Scientific Ltd. Jul 15, 2008

Elliot Scientific is a major UK based distributor and manufacturer of scientific products serving the global science research and industrial communities.

Vaqtec Srl Apr 23, 2008

Project production and distribution of vacuum systems and components.

Eden Cryogenics, LLC. Apr 3, 2008

Eden Cryogenics product line of cryogenic valves, vacuum insulated piping, and standard components uses certified and ASME code material and hardware to maintain a high level of quality and performance.


Kaufman & Robinson (KRI®) is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We are recognized across the globe for our expertise in ion and plasma source technology.

X-TRONIX LTD Nov 12, 2007

Industrial & Scientific Technologies / We are a multi-discipline hi-tech firm with focus on the following techniques: Vacuum, Gas Flow, He Cryogenics, Thin Films, Surface Science, Particle Physics, Cyber Services.

Senis GmbH Nov 8, 2007

SENIS provides advanced magnetic measurement instruments and current transducers, including corresponding development & engineering services. R&D activities are carried out in close collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL.

Indiana University Oct 4, 2007

Director of the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility

McPherson, Inc. Sep 18, 2007

Spectrometers, monochromators, spectrographs and systems for spectroscopy from the XUV through the UV-Vis to the long wave IR.

Solid Sealing Technology Jan 3, 2007

Solid Sealing Technology, Inc specializes in the design and manufacture of highly engineered, hermetic products using metalizing and brazing, glass-ceramic sealing, welding, and critical mechanical assembly. Products include: vacuum feedthroughs,…

MG Sanders Co Ltd Sep 18, 2006

MG Sanders operate a fully integrated Tungsten alloy sintering plant, supported by vacuum heat treatment and multi-axis machine tool capability to provide finished to drawing components of the highest quality with ISO 9001, aerospace and military…

tectra GmbH Sep 30, 2005

tectra GmbH supplies products in the area of vacuum (UHV), thin films and surface science such as, vacuum components, plasma sources (ion sources, atom sources), e-beam evaporators, sputter gun, bakeout equipment effusion cells, vacuum gauge…

Oxford Electronics Ltd Apr 13, 2005

We offer radiation resistant optical fibres in singlemode and multimode versions. We also make high temperature metal coated optical fibres.For optical fibre Faraday current sensors we make low birefringence optical fibres in a variety of…

Oxford Electronics Ltd Mar 22, 2005

Oxford Electronics offers a wide range of specialized optical fibers including multimode fibers for spectroscopy, medicine and laser power, delivery singlemode fibers for a wide range of wavelengths and polarization preserving fibers and low…

Cathay Advanced Materials Limited Mar 14, 2005

Supply high purity Rare Earth metal & chemicals, sputtering target and evaporation material, LaB6 cathode for Leybold 1104 coater.

ICEoxford / Isis Cryogenic Engineering Limited Sep 14, 2004

Isis Cryogenic Engineering (ICEoxford) is a new company located in Osney Mead, Oxford. ICEoxford, together with its strong network of associates, has in excess of 250 years collective practical knowledge and cryogenic experience, in design,…

DANFYSIK A/S Jul 23, 2004

Since 1964 DANFYSIK A/S has through development of products and technical expertise established the company's reputation as a supplier of high quality equipment for nuclear research laboratories. Further, during the recent years we have…

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