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Dipole magents

National Tsinghua University, Taiwan Aug 2, 2010

National Tsinghua University (NTHU)is a top university located at the Silicon Valley of Taiwan.

Discinnet Labs Jul 31, 2009

Discinnet Labs is a web 2.0 Internet service dedicated to Interdisciplinary cooperation. The applied epistemological Discinnet process was conceived in order to facilitate transitions from Disciplinary internet working to Interdisciplinary Networking

Babcock Noell GmbH May 7, 2009

Babcock Noell is active in the product areas of nuclear service, nuclear technology, magnet technology and environmental technology throughout the world. With 300 employees our spectrum extends from the planning, supply to operating of plants.

Scanditronix Magnet AB May 28, 2008

Scanditronix Magnet AB has over the last few decades become an established supplier of magnets and coils for medical, industrial, and research purposes. Our products are installed in accelerator systems at research laboratories all around the world.

World Scientific Publishing Co. Apr 25, 2008

World Scientific publishes 400 titles a year and 100 journals in various fields. In 1995, World Scientific co-founded the London-based Imperial College Press with London University's Imperial College.

RadiaBeam Technologies Dec 11, 2007

RADIABEAM Technologies offers a line of products for the physical sciences research sector with specific emphasis on particle accelerators and THz photonics.

Senis GmbH Nov 8, 2007

SENIS provides advanced magnetic measurement instruments and current transducers, including corresponding development & engineering services. R&D activities are carried out in close collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL.

Indiana University Oct 4, 2007

Director of the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility

Advanced Magnet Lab Jul 16, 2007

Since 1995, the Advanced Magnet Lab, Inc. (AML) has been providing revolutionary technology for the design and manufacture of advanced normal & superconducting magnets. Located on Florida’s Space Coast, AML’s team of internationally respected…

National Magnetics Group, Inc. Jun 6, 2006

Manufacture soft ferrites (block and ring form)custom machined for use as magnetic rings and kicker magnets for guiding particle beams. We supply labs in United States. Our subsidiary that specialized in these cores (cmi technology, inc.) was…

DANFYSIK A/S Jul 23, 2004

Since 1964 DANFYSIK A/S has through development of products and technical expertise established the company's reputation as a supplier of high quality equipment for nuclear research laboratories. Further, during the recent years we have…

CAYLAR Jun 1, 2004

Manufacturer of magnetic instrumentation NMR Gaussmeter Hall Effect Gaussmeter Magnetic field regulators (NMR, Hall Effect) 3 axis magnetometers Instrumented Electromagnet Magnet Power Unit Calibration Service for NMR and Hall Effect…

Atlas Technologies Mar 22, 2004

Atlas Technologies manufacturers bonded metal vacuum components for sealing soft metal chambers. Aluminum, copper, even niobium chambers can now be used for vacuum vessels operating in UHV and XHV vacuum regimes. These materials offer vacuum…

Best Solution Consultancy Ltd Jan 30, 2004

Providers of services in computational magnetic field modelling, stress analysis and thermal simulation. Best Solution have been suppliers to industry leaders in superconducting magnets for physics and medical applications since inception in…

Space Cryomagnetics Ltd Nov 4, 2003

Space Cryomagnetics Ltd was founded in 2000 by a group of engineers and physicists highly experienced in the fields of cryogenics and superconducting magnets. We provide a complete service from design, through assembly, to installation and…

Magnetic Solutions Ltd Jul 28, 2000

No description available

Dehnel Consulting Ltd May 30, 2000

We Provide Engineering Services for the Particle Accelerator Industry. Complete Beamline Design for Radioisotope Production Facilities. Ion-Optics Modeling and System Design. Component Design and Drafting Production Management. Injection System…

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